EOA 2016 Awards and Conference: Sharing the Employee Ownership Future, Friday 27 May 2016, Sydney

What could the future look like with greater employee-ownership? 

We hear a lot about disruptive innovation and thinking like a startup. Employee owners know all about this because employee-ownership provides people with a real stake in the business – and with greater collaboration and participation, innovation can bloom.

This conference will address a range of important and fundamental questions so participants can build a future where increased employee share ownership and participation becomes a reality.

* Why employee ownership?

* What benefits could the future of employee-ownership bring – and how can we make it happen?

* What are the experts in the field hearing (and how are they redesigning the future of work)?

Listen to political leaders and policy makers as well as directors, investors and advisors. Be inspired by practical ‘how to’ stories from people who have made employee-ownership a reality for business advantage.

Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand (EOA)

Employee-ownership results in more cohesive, engaged and productive workplaces and contributes to economic development and national wellbeing. EOA members include a diverse range of stakeholders including listed companies, small-to-medium-sized-enterprises (SMEs) and co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs).

A time of change – and opportunity

Increasingly, startups are utilising employee share schemes and considering the employee-ownership advantage more broadly.

Employee share schemes have been through a period of huge change worldwide; this is your opportunity to find out what the practical impacts have been and how companies are dealing with this period of transition.

Our program offers you the opportunity to hear from experts in the field; companies that have successfully implemented plans worldwide and Government representatives.

Our Conference and Awards

Our conference is the largest of its kind in Australia and attracts professionals from across the business world, including share plan advisers, administrators, HR professionals, employment and contract lawyers, finance directors, company secretaries and communications experts.

More than 50 delegates, representing some of the worlds largest companies attended the 4th Employee Ownership Conference last year.

Our conference is followed by our awards lunch. Every year Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand awards companies that show excellence in employee engagement and ownership.

The excitement of the Award program culminates after the conference. The Awards Celebration offers networking opportunities, lunch and drinks followed by the formal awards ceremony.

If you wish to nominate for an ESOP Award, please go to the Award criteria and guidelines.

You can download a nomination form online for this years awards, which have now opened.

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