Employee Ownership Annual Conference and Awards Night 2017

2017 EOA Conference & Awards Night Wrap Up

…and it’s a wrap! I’d like to thank everybody who came to this years conference and awards night – it was amazing to connect with so many like minded individuals and hear from such a diverse line-up of speakers and panelists.


I’d also like to extend a huge congratulations to our award winners:

  • Woolworths (Most Effective and Innovative Communications & People’s Choice)
  • CSL (Best International Share Plan)
  • Dulux (Fostering ownership over 1,000 employees) &
  • Red Bubble (Best New Employee Share Plan)

*See pictures of our award winners below in order of listing from left to right.

It was quite inspiring hearing of the progress that all of our entrants have made in developing and expanding their own unique ESOPs (making it quite the challenge for our judging panel to decide on a winner in each category!).

For more photos, please click here.

Upcoming EOA Event: Social Responsibility & Employee Ownership

I’d like to also take this opportunity to announce an upcoming EOA event where we will be discussing the recent results of the EOA survey on key changes needed in the employee ownership space, with a specific focus on social responsibility which will include common themes from the recent ATO consultation on areas for greater guidance on ESS.

We will be holding this event in Sydney on Wednesday 30th of August and also in Melbourne on Thursday 31st of August. This event will also be free to EOA Members and everyone who participated in the survey.

Keep an eye out for a newsletter in the coming days which will outline this event in more detail and will include links to book in your place.

All the best,
Angela Perry

A Real Sharing Economy: Employee Share Ownership at Work

EOA 2017 Awards and Conference 

It increases work satisfaction, equitably shares rewards for business success and creates a stronger and more inclusive economy; in challenging times, we need employee ownership more than ever.

Where: King & Wood Mallesons, Melbourne

Date: Friday, May 19, 2017

Time: 7:45 AM – 1:30 PM AEST

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Our 2017 Annual Employee Ownership Conference and Awards Night – A Real Sharing Economy: Employee Share Ownership at Work will be a landmark event building on the success of our 2016 conference as highlighted by our 2016 attendees:

  • “A great range of perspectives and I found the links to innovation and governance – very thought provoking
  • “Enjoyed the networking and learning from other organisations that presented – great guest speakers
  • “Focus on innovation was brilliant, much more interesting and engaging than similar conferences.”

From Startup to Global Impact with Employee Ownership

Douglas English, Co-Founder of the highly successful startup Culture Amp will be presenting on cutting edge employee ownership business approaches and how innovation, ownership and employee engagement go together.

More Highlights

This years program showcases a range of highly engaging topics including:

  • Share Plans that Drive Results – Behavioural Economics and Psychology of Incentives
  • Employing Good Investment – The Employee Ownership Index
  • Your Employee as a Customer – Winning and Retaining Equity Plan Participants
  • Lessons of the Future – Reimagining the Employee Ownership World beyond 2017.

Our research on listed companies to be highlighted at the Conference shows:

  • Employee-owned companies command a 17% share price premium;
  • They are twice as likely to show clear evidence of equal opportunity systems;
  • They outperform or match the ASX 200 in 3 out of 5 social sustainability factors.

2017 is a great year to celebrate the positive social and economic impact of employee ownership in our Australian community. Come together with a diverse range of interests and groups, including listed companies, small-to-medium-sized-enterprises (SMEs), co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs), employee ownership industry specialist service and advice providers, academics, unions and individuals who all share an interest in the development and growth of employee-ownership in the region.


  • Does this event count towards CPD points?: Yes, if the topics are relevant to your area of practice.
  • What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?: This event is in a prime location in the CBD of Melbourne and can be accessed by public transport. There are also predominantly paid parking options nearby.
  • Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?: Please send all of your questions through to info@employeeownership.com.au
  • Is my registration/ticket transferrable?: Yes, but please let us know so we have their details at the door.

Our conference is being constantly updated check in here at the conference website for updates. 

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Our 2017 Sponsor:

King & Wood


Level 50, Bourke Place
600 Bourke Street
Melbourne, Australia

Conference Highlights from EOA 2016 Awards and Conference: Sharing the Employee Ownership Future, held on Friday 27 May 2016, Sydney 

By: Angela Perry, EOA Chair

Keynote David Thodey, Chair of CSIRO was particularly well received. Elucidating his passion for employee ownership and innovation brought the two key themes of the conference together.

Keynote speaker David Thodey

Hearing the company stories of Kama Ghosn from Eclipx Group and Joanna Mak from Brambles inspired attendees on how employee share ownership can work through explaining a sometimes complicated and legalistic system in ways that highlight the real benefits to employees. As Kama mentioned – employees who understand the benefits of employee ownership watch the share price for the first time, and begin to engage as co-owners in their place of work.

Screenshot from Brambles MyShare platform – innovation in action

Joanna certainly deserved her EOA Award for Most Effective and Innovative Communication Program (see awards section of this newsletter). Using Ikea catalogues as her inspiration she presented the innovative MyShare platform that impressed everyone in attendance.

The innovation roundtables were a surprise hit at the conference:

“I was skeptical of the roundtables, but they were really useful.
They pushed us remuneration / share plan folk to think much more broadly about the interplay between what we do and tomorrow’s workforce.”

Some great ideas came out of this session such as: building communication platforms for employee ownership and better integrating employee share ownership with the superannuation system.

EOA Board member Matthew Lever launched the Employee Ownership Australia Index making a strong case for the link between employee productivity and ownership.

EOA Board Member Matthew Lever and a conference attendee enjoy a light hearted moment

Future trends and examples of innovation in employee ownership were presented by Chris Galway from Ernst & Young (our conference hosts).

EOA Chair Angela Perry listening to Chris Galway (Ernst and Young) presenting

The EY session, was a fascinating workshop on future trends in innovation and employee ownership.  Interestingly the future trends and ways forward for employee ownership echoed the areas that EOA has been calling for change for, like removal of cessation of employment as a taxing point and lifting the $1,000 tax exempt cap to reflect wage and inflation increases since then.

ATO industry expert Haydn Daw

ATO industry expert Haydn Daw

Haydn Daw provided a rundown of how things are changing at the ATO – for the better. He explained the benefits their guide for employee share schemes and templates for startups.

Hon Ed Husic MP, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition Assisting with Digital Innovation and Startups

“ … wasn’t it great that he felt he needed to come to EOA to say ‘we’ve learned from 2009’”

We wrapped the conference up with the Hon Ed Husic MP, who talked us through a range of topics from focusing on automation and the future of work to how greater employee ownership could hold the keys to a better future for all of us. Ed made sure he communicated to attendees that his Party had learned from their policy mistakes in 2009, which was both well received by the audience and also highlighted the growing understanding across all parties in Government around employee ownership.

You can find more about our winners and why they won the awards on our 2016 Awards page (go here).

Well that’s the highlights of the Award ceremony, thank you to everyone who attended, thank you to Ernst & Young for sponsoring the event and thank you to Antony and the Board members for all their help and support.

– Angela Perry

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